I genuinely can’t tell if those are fireworks or gunshots outside.

Adam Buxton's BUG Ep 3: Oblivion - Grimes

  • mikimax54: Sorry baby, just not music to me. I'm into early rock n roll and Doo Wop. Givin away my age huh?
  • MoolahMoneyC @ mikimax54: people like you need to die off already. there's a place for all things. it's called the progression (or at least the diversification) of sound.
  • mikimax54 @ MoolahMoneyC: Fuck off. How's that for diversifying?
  • MoolahMoneyC @ mikimax54: I think that means you don't know the definition of diversification. I'm not up on etymology, but maybe they didn't have words like "diversification" back in your day, you fucking old goat.
Title: xtal Artist: literally me 20 plays

i tried figuring out how to play xtal on my boss’s Epiphone SG at lunch today ‘cos it was stuck in my head and this is all I’ve got

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Title: Inspector Norse Artist: Todd Terje 2,911 plays

22 across: A superfluous photograph of oneself (inits)(4)


I’m really good at wrapping presents.

Eranu Uvavu, a visual history
Shooting StarsĀ series one

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Title: Jibber And Twitch Artist: Cardiacs 73 plays
Title: Dr. Zaius Artist: Troy McClure 19,569 plays


Troy McClure - Dr. Zaius

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Title: Mask Maker Artist: Liars 519 plays

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Title: Teenage Angst Artist: Placebo 3,831 plays


Since I was born I started to decay
Now nothing ever ever goes my way.

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