This evening I did my “usual” running route of through The Forest, then up the gradual hill round the back side of the cemetery, and I managed to run through the steep climb and kept running on Forest Road East without stopping/noticably slowing pace, so that felt really good. All in all, I ran about 2.8 miles, not including a 5 minute rest on the tram back up to High School from Trent. My calves are getting more resilient.

I even ran down Birkin Avenue, so +10 for bravery.

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Petition to introduce wild jackals into the ‘Safari’ Compare the Meerkat adverts.

Title: Clubfoot By Kasabian Artist: Blacklisters 0 plays


Blacklisters - Clubfoot By Kasabian

Monstrously riffy rock ‘n’ roll from Leeds. Cant. Stop. Playing.

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Wet Yourself! At The Party

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St. Vincent - Marry Me / Actor / Strange Mercy / St. Vincent

st. vincent’s discography in the style of the first album.

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Title: Generals And Majors Artist: XTC 61 plays


XTC // “Generals and Majors

In all the universe, you’re the closest thing I have to a friend, Jean-Luc.

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Anywhere // Interpol