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  • falling asleep on someone’s chest
  • wrapping your arms around each other
  • synching heartbeats and breathing slowly
  • falling asleep in big t-shirts and underwear
  • forehead kissies and murmured affections
  • naps


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Just visited ASDA and unknowingly committed a horrendous crime against humanity.


suspicious as fuck

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Title: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Artist: Arcade Fire 1,157 plays


Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

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Last week I went to a cafe in Stow-on-the-Wold and they have a whiteboard where you can write where you’re from and if you liked your food. In amongst all the regular enthusiastic “Loved the iced mocha! Karen, Ontario, CN”-esque messages was a drawing of a seahorse saying “6/10”.

Strange, but wonderful.

We just don’t know.

zarifhaim replied to your photoset “Holiday snaps, ft. me”
why isnt this a full time blog
Just follow Limmy on Twitter, he does the same thing but 100x funnier…

Holiday snaps, ft. me

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Title: E=MC Hammer Artist: Pulled Apart By Horses 10 plays
Title: The Bed's Too Big Without You Artist: The Police 74 plays


The Bed’s Too Big Without You - The Police

Title: Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down Artist: Interpol 8,739 plays


"This one’s called ‘Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down.’"

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