Anonymous asked: Hello! We at the BBC love your mini-series concept Béton Brut. Unfortunately, the BBC Four schedule is pretty full for the next year or so, so we're going to take it to Three, but we'd like to make a few changes – we don't really do female lead characters, so we're bringing in Jack Whitehall to play the main guy, with a nondescript ex-Eastenders actress as his hard-to-get love interest. Also, Béton Brut sounds "a bit foreign", so we're calling it 'Archiwrecks'. Our offer for this is £100. BBC x



I accept your offer only if I get to keep Johnathan Meades and Will Self AND it has a slot after Badults.

I just did a 1.8mi run/jog to NTU, which isn’t far I’ll admit, but I haven’t really run in ages and it involved a c. 0.5mi gradual climb from flat to quite-fucking-steep in the Forest, so I’m quite chuffed with that, even if I slowed to a walk for a couple of minutes after that bit…

I was only gonna do 1.5mi and then get the tram home back up the hill, but I got off at High School just so I could run down the other side. Fuck you, hills! Eat my soles!

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Title: Boys Don't Cry Artist: The Cure 866 plays


The Cure - Boys Don’t Cry

Now I would do most anything
To get you back by my side
But I just keep on laughing
Hiding the tears in my eyes

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  • falling asleep on someone’s chest
  • wrapping your arms around each other
  • synching heartbeats and breathing slowly
  • falling asleep in big t-shirts and underwear
  • forehead kissies and murmured affections
  • naps


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Just visited ASDA and unknowingly committed a horrendous crime against humanity.


suspicious as fuck

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Title: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Artist: Arcade Fire 1,161 plays


Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

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Last week I went to a cafe in Stow-on-the-Wold and they have a whiteboard where you can write where you’re from and if you liked your food. In amongst all the regular enthusiastic “Loved the iced mocha! Karen, Ontario, CN”-esque messages was a drawing of a seahorse saying “6/10”.

Strange, but wonderful.

We just don’t know.

zarifhaim replied to your photoset “Holiday snaps, ft. me”
why isnt this a full time blog
Just follow Limmy on Twitter, he does the same thing but 100x funnier…

Holiday snaps, ft. me

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